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Leader in shipbuilding and
maritime industry apparatus

JD Co.,Ltd.

CEO Park Joong gun

  • Current CEO of JD Co., Ltd.
  • A member of the Small and Medium-size Business Technology Development Support Program Appraisal Board
  • Former director of SPP Shipbuilding CO., Ltd. R&D Center Electric / Outfitting designer
  • Received the Achievement Award from SPP Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.


With more than 10 years of experience in ship design, has accumulated knowledge in related design technology(conducted shipbuilding/maritime plant-related work)


Acquired design technology that saves costs through extensive experience in designing more than 200 ships of different varieties.


Capable of handling S/W, including design modeling tools such as TRIBON M3, AVEVA MARINE, E3D, TTM, CAD, etc.


Certified Professional Electrician, Electric Work Professional, Firefighting Equipment Engineer, etc. Skills to build and install electric equipment

JD Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 based on its shipbuilding business, and is currently growing and developing into shipbuilding/maritime plant design, ship structural parts manufacturing, and other adjacent industries.

We at JD respect our customers’ time and values, and our core value is to deliver customer satisfaction and earn their trust through transparent and proper management. We will continue our efforts in technology development and innovation to maintain our position as a leader in the shipbuilding and maritime apparatus industry that delivers the best value to our customers.

We seek to realize our dream of a better future based on the convergence of the past with the future industry in alignment with the 4th Industrial Revolution, and our fearless spirit of challenge and cultivation of a rational corporate culture. We will also play a leading role in creating new, quality jobs and realizing social values.

We thank you in advance for your continued interest and support for JD, and we will work tirelessly to reinvent ourselves as the best leader in the shipbuilding and maritime apparatus industry.

Be well, and we wish you happiness.
Thank you.

JD Co.,Ltd. Park Joong gun CEO